Getting Water To NYC

Feeding the thirst and keeping the toilets flushed for  9 million people is a HUGE undertaking.  Doing it so well that people bottle your water is a truly incredible engineering achievement.  Yet that is what the water Dept. of NYC has done.

Here’s the NYC DEP website.

Here’s the map of NYC water supply.

The DEP has been conducting a truly massive project to ensure that NYC has clean water far into the future.

Of course the huge requirements of NYC’s water supply has always required large construction.

The need for water has been growing as the city does right from the 19th Century.

As the needs increased the water needed to be brought from points ever further away.

Starting with Westchester and Duchess Counties:

Then up into the Catskills.

And the Delaware.

All built by sandhogs.

The NYC water system is a true monument to getting things done.

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