The Stuff People Missed

I’ve posted a lot of stuff over the last year and some poor posts have never even been looked at.  So this is a raise awareness post. These are posts that got lost in the shuffle and really deserve a look.

For instance this little piece on having a diverse life.

Or inspirational stories.

How super are humans.

Stories of self destruction and resilience.

Discussing business operations and why they fail.

Do we need government insurance?

Tom Sowell on the Ghettos.

Or me building toolboxes and failing at my goal.


Obviously I started the post talking about something else.  Lenny and his nuttery will have to wait for some other time.

Like here.

Here’s this video about tiny robots.

Free engineering stuff, very useful if you are hacking or building.

A website on what not to do in a design.

A Youtube channel of mechanisms.

More resources.

Kickstarting yourself.

Starting a startup.

When things go wrong.

How 3D printer filament is made.

Japanese monsters.

We all had our first train.

A video I made of the steam train at the Valley RR in Essex CT.

High speed steam locomotive.

The Tropicana juices train, from Florida to New Jersey.

Why we have eat bananas.

A bunch of job search related stuff.

A bunch of NYC pics.

Video too.

And stuff about old NYC.

NYC in the bad old days.

NYC manufacturing.

Tokyo then, Tokyo now.

Advanced bioscience and microengineering.

And labs in garages.

A Moore’s Law post.

Dr. Who selling insurance in New Zealand.

NASA working on large space structures.

And looking at the Soviet space program, from the inside.

Mission control.

Space suit stuff.

Big science.

A fun little video of two guys that can’t work together very well.

Another about wanderlust.

And looking at small businesses in Japan.

In Hong Kong.

Technologies that GE is looking at.

Simple moldmaking. I’m going to be doing more on this in the future.

Doing your own injection molding.

More prototyping.

Frank Howarth making Sake trays. More importantly, a good lesson on how to set up short production runs.

Advanced 3D printing.

And more.

and more.

3D printed clothes.

3D printing used to make stop motion models.

When the government did manufacturing research.

How SD cards are made.

Some old watchmaking videos.

And how a watch works.

Making guitars.

Making scuba tanks.

Where to find the engineering history of the US.

Along with a museum filled with old machine tools and industrial history.

Advanced manufacturing.

An 1877 British tractor factory.

Quantum computing.

Making skis the old fashioned way.

Streetviewing London, 17th Century London.

The mysteries of old maps.

Inside the Ferrari factory.

Inside Boeing’s factory.

Where all the parts come from.

A sofa factory.

An electric motor factory.

Westinghouse in 1904.


The history of the dishwasher.

The history of the laptop computer.

Enlarging the Panama Canal.

There’s stuff from movies.

Movies made with atoms.


In Tokyo.

How much photo gear should you carry?

We need more kids in the trades.

Spy stories.

Desk toys.

How mechanical engineering used to be.

Old cars.

Building a F1 car.

A great job.

Dying industries.

There’s more.  Lots and lots of stuff that’s barely been looked at. Poke around and explore.  There’s good stuff here and more coming.



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