Tech Stuff 10


This is a sort of search and discover newsletter of my findings of things that may relate to technology in one way or another.  It might be the latest gosh wow tech, it might be something as old of humanity.  It might relate to science large or small.  It might be art for art’s sake.  Or somebody just doing something funky. Because I think that technology is just the representation of human creativity and breaking boundaries.  So I’m certainly not going to place boundaries here except that it won’t be the same old, same old.  So almost no gadgets or yacking about the latest phone or whatever, unless of course it involves taking them apart or destroying them in unusual ways.  Or putting them to work in imaginative ways that most people won’t even think of.  So buckle up, it’s going to be a fun ride.

Picture of an atom.

Actually a picture of the electron waveflow around a Hydrogen atom.  Very cool.

Very small motor.


Thread here.

ILM “The Force Awakens” concept art.

The Force Awakens Portfolio

Tightly fitted DNA parts create nanomachine.

Where the Mythbuster busted their myths.

How we know what dinosaurs looked like.

That thing in the picture sort of gives me nightmares.  It looks fast and lethal.

Adam Savage builds a sword out of Bondo.

DARPA has new program to encourage maker and hackers to come up with improvised weapons.

Somebody should warn them that this might not be a good  idea.  On the other hand they might be talking to the guy in the video above.  In that case I KNOW it’s not a good idea.

Help save the first Air Force 1.

It’s a Connie.

Replica of the world’s first powered vehicle.

All the probes in one poster.

The Chart of Cosmic Exploration

Tokyo Symphony.

H/T Geerit’s Tachebuch.

The future of computing?  Byte magazine April 1981;

Click to access 1981_04_BYTE_06-04_Future_Computers.pdf

Building the Metro In Paris

When they Dug up Paris

Every large project has it’s own problems and unique solutions.

Video of the week.

The  Art Of Time.

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  1. MadRocketSci · March 26, 2016

    I wonder about that hydrogen atom orbital picture: So they do photoionization, knocking an electron loose from the atom and propagating it towards a screen through an electrostatic lens … but they have to be doing something new and interesting at the screen too (“protective” measurements?), otherwise all they’d get is a dot somewhere with a probability proportional to the wave-function, rather than the whole distribution.


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