Perfectly Logical

“I don’t know why anyone would bother claiming publishing doesn’t trend left. Of course it does. It’s run by NYC people, with NYC opinions. As NYC votes, so is it run. They don’t THINK they’re left, because in their world it’s just what everyone thinks. But thought NYC is a city-world, they’re missing the majority of people out here.

The result though was that in the old oligopsonic days, you had to play along and pretend, or be labeled far right wing (it should give anyone a clue that now they label me far right wing. Me. Oh, sure, not Marxist, but close enough to anarchy — true anarchy, not the leftist weirdness — to touch it, and they shove me into the neo-nazi spectrum, because, you know, those of us who want as little government as possible SURELY want to have goosestepping troops. WHAT?) and never work in that town again.”
I think that NYC produces a culture of fear so deep that it just isn’t noticed any more. The thing is that too many people are actually afraid to think any differently, at least out where people can hear it. That’s starting to change under the pressures everybody’s in and the fact that the blue model is just getting bat crap insane.

According To Hoyt

So, in these days of moving, and dragging and pulling and kicking boxes, all the while worrying about derpfish (he’s still alive, but I can’t tell if he’s getting better or worse.  If he goes, I’m not getting another fish again.  I like pets I can sort of guess at and who live longer than 2 years) I’ve been thinking about the Hugo mess.  And I realized it’s part of a bigger mess.

And the problem isn’t Larry or anyone defying the Hugo cabal.  That would have come sooner or later.  And the masterminds of the opposition aren’t fighting for the shiny plastic rocket, they’re fighting for their livelihood.  And the writers caught in the middle are divided between those who have woken up and those who have.  And I could have been on either side, but for a fortuitous circumstance.

Bear with me ladies and gentlemen, as I take…

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