Forbes On “The Rise Of The Makers” A Lets Build Special

Here’s a great interview of Jamie Hyneman  and others on making. Jamie makes some great points about how the combination of new tools and the ability to find access to skills.

Here’s Jamie Hyneman:

 ” They(the new technologies) open all sorts of doors, and it is having the same kind of explosive growth as cell phone tech has had.” He continues, “We are seeing robotics creep into all areas and become accessible, where it used to be something tedious that only the most persistent people could access. Instead of a novelty as it currently is, robots will be as common as cell phones and laptops”…

“I’m excited about all technology. None of them exist by themselves,” he says. “That is the great thing about the maker movement, all these things that allow us to build and invent and experiment feed back on each other and ourselves, and help us be more dynamic in our world and how we interact with it.”…

…”3D Robotics and others provide very open source and accessible (user friendly and not terribly expensive) ways of getting into anything remote controlled,” he says. “These things aren’t just about programming something, they involve a whole range of processes and materials, which opens doors to all sorts of other things that people use every day.”…

…”Open source and open hardware are going to happen one way or another. People might as well just embrace it, and ride the wave. If they don’t, they will be left behind.

What’s going on is a true revolution in the way things get made. I’ve posted about this before.   This is great thing that’s happening.  The problem is that the maker movement may get stuck in garages.   Which is not a good thing.

I think that what we are seeing is an important change in how things get made, get sold and get purchased. It’s going beyond the modification of existing processes into a whole new realm where all the activities are dispersed and product flow happens almost spontaneously. This is a whole new world and people are going to have realize that new ways of thinking are required. Which is why I started the “Lets build series.”

Where it ends up remains to be seen, but I’m learning a lot and trying to share what I find.  If things seem to be going slow, well I’m not doing the work for myself and the posts take time to put together.  Still, there will be progress and more stuff.


I’ve linked to Bunnie Huang before. He’s way ahead of just about everybody else.

I think that, as engineers and designers we have  to set aside the old, “it’s mine, it’s mine” ethos and realized that the things we create can be shared with others who can build on what we have done.  Playing patent troll or IP hog only hurts us in the end as we lose the cooperation that could make us bigger than we are now.

The combination of the internet and those who are willing to share what they know with the great new tools that are just beginning to become available are going to change how look at how to do stuff.  We are just at the beginning of what looks like a hell of a ride. Strap in, button up and have fun.

The Let’s Build Series.



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