300 Locomotives

This was posted on my Facebook timeline. 300 locomotives capped and in storage. From things I’ve heard, these locomotives aren’t the only ones in storage.  There may be as many as 1,000 locomotives in storage on the UP alone.

These locomotive are stored because things aren’t moving. The hope is, that things may start again someday.  Otherwise these locomotives would be on the deadlines or on their way to the recyclers for scrapping. This what happens when the government declares war on the energy industry and it’s own country.

This is caused by the typical top down Ivy Covered Snob Factory delusional thinking that has prevailed in recent years.  It’s the same kind of thinking that the current Administration  has and it’s wrecking the country.  This is going to go beyond coal, way beyond.


Breitbart points out that killing coal kills the domestic steel industry, what’s left of it, which is shrinking rapidly if the information on blast furnaces I see is any indication.  IN fact it looks to me as if the levels of production and hot furnaces are at danger levels for the future of the economy.  But the damage won’t just stop at steel.  Think about just about any process that burns coal.  That’s things like concrete and many other chemical processes.


Add the fact that power plant residues also contribute to the chemical stream and you start to get a huge impact.  It get worse though when you start working against natural gas as well.  If the greens were to have their way and remove ALL fossil fuels there would not be a civilization left.

If you want an idea of just how much impact enacting what Clinton and her crew want to do, consult this.


If you find a copy of this book, count how many different processes involve coal one way or another.  It’s significant, easily 10% and more than likely more.  The fact is that you can’t have an industrial society without coal and carbon based technologies.  What Mrs. Clinton is proposing is sheer lunacy.  Yet apparently she believes it.  Which means that, if elected, the consequences will be that we the people will be left in the cold and the dark.  Think about what happens if the lights go out when you go into the voting booth.


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