The List

Here’s the Sad Puppy List for this year. Good reading.

Mad Genius Club

(Cross-posted to Sad Puppies 4 – will update with the link this afternoon)

The List is done. It’s not all on this page because there’s too much – the full list is viewable here.

My methodology was pretty basic – any comments that were favorable to the work got counted as a +1 and added to the tally. -1 comments or disagreement weren’t counted. I’ve probably been more generous on that front than others, because I included things like “I wish that was eligible” as a +1. A few clearly misplaced votes got moved to the appropriate place. If someone was the only person to suggest their own work, it’s been noted as a self-nomination – which, of course, is not against any rules. If other people voted, the self-nomination didn’t get listed. Works that have questions about whether they were eligible are noted in the full list.

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