Hugo Hate Fest.

The other day Stephanie Sounders posted a blog post asking for moderation from the puppy kickers.  I have come to the hard conclusion that moderation  is something that the puppy kickers are incapable of.

Of course that call for moderation brought a puppy kicker in making the usual accusations and demands:

The Sad Puppies’ top problem is their association with Vox Day. He was a part of SP2 and it defies belief to claim he wasn’t part of SP3, given the nature of the list, the secret way it was produced, and the way some of Brad Torgesen’s comments that make it sound like he and Vox Day worked on it in concert. (E.g.

Most people would be at pains to dissociate themselves from a self-proclaimed White Nationalist, but the Puppies go to great lengths not to do so. It inclines reasonable people to think that the Sad/Rabid divide is a sham. The truth seems to be that you still have strong ties to Vox Day and you are not willing to break those ties.

Breaking those ties will take a lot more than the occasional mild post saying “we’re not Vox Day.” A lot more.

I’m not sure why that we puppies are constantly asked to repeat the plain fact that other than having some of the same initial goals, we have nothing much to do with Vox.

Apparently the kickers were drawn in by this screed. One would think that as an attorney, Mr. Pounds would moderate and control his language, but apparently not. Or know enough to not make unfounded accusations.

The Sad Puppies have been called misogynistic. They have been called racist. And they have been called homophobic. The problem is that the Sad Puppies have earned those labels. Many of the Sad Puppy leaders and the prime Sad Puppy advocates have displayed varying degrees of these sorts of attitudes. Just to name a few offenders in this vein, Brad Torgersen, Michael Z. Williamson, John C. Wright all published commentary during the 2015 Sad Puppy campaign that was either sexist, racist, or homophobic, or all three. Some of the works nominated by the Sad Puppy slate – such as Transhuman and Subhuman – were homophobic and misogynistic in and of themselves. Stephanie S may not think of herself as a sexist, a racist, or a homophobe, but by identifying as a Sad Puppy, she is saying that she is willing to support sexism, racism, and homophobia.

One would assume that an attorney would know what slander is, but apparently some people just can’t let go of their hate.  Or stop virtue signaling for even a second. As an attorney you would think that he would know the value of evidence and provide some, but apparently, he’s just running in hate.  which seems to be common for the kickers.  which is why we are showered with this sad spectacle.

Authors screaming at fans for wanting to nominate them for awards.

The first I saw was Catherynne M. Valente.

For the record, I was not asked and I do not consent to be on the Sad Puppies List. I am furious.

An author dissing here fans?  She did walk it back later on her blog.

My first reaction–and perhaps not my best reaction–was anger and confusion. I genuinely do apologize for posting my first reaction to the internet–I should know better by now. This is me, a good sleep later, trying to sort it all out logically.

I was upset because I wasn’t asked whether I was okay with being put on this list. I had thought I remembered SP saying they would ask authors for permission in the future, but it’s since been pointed out to me that my memory, as with all human cognition, is faulty, and the truth is the opposite–they, in fact, pledged not to ask permission or remove names on request.

It’s obvious that she was either enraged beyond reason that the WRONFANS liked her work or scared spitless.  Considering the ongoing behavior of the kickers and their demonstrated assh*le tendencies I’m going with scared spitless, and not of the puppies.

Apparently so scared that as Niki Kenyon points out, she’s perfectly willing to diss a bunch of fans to make sure no puppy taint touches her.

Why the Puppies Are Sad

Apparently Valente wasn’t the only one.

I wish I could trust you and I hate what we’ve become.

BTW, Ms. Acks, it wasn’t the Puppies that handed out the wooden assh*les at Sasquan.

And Scalzi.

Notes on Awards and Slates, 3/18/16

Alexandra Erin.

The Pups of Wrath Yield Bitter Whine

Hugo Stuff: Just taking a moment to acknowledge…

Contrast that with Mr. Wright’s comments which are very kind, considering all the crap that gets dumped on him by the kickers.

Sad Puppies 4 The List

Of course the kickers have their slate of slates, the books you BETTER nominate and vote for if you are going to be a real TRUFAN.

Only it’s not a bunch of slates because the TRUFANS are doing it.

It’s pretty obvious that these people are scared.  Not scared of the puppies, but instead scared of what their own side would do to them if they stray off the reservation even a little bit and stop the hate.  I think that the hate will go on because, at this point, without the hate the kickers have no legitimacy.  They can’t under any circumstances actually admit that all  this is about is the self gratification of a small group of inbred little  people who’ve stopped caring about anybody but themselves.

The funny thing is that they’ve  shot themselves in the foot. Steve Davidson actually points out the reason why here.

Fandom Needs to Change to Insure Its Future Survival

“Fandom Needs To Change To Ensure It’s Future Survival”

Exactly!!!  That’s why the puppies were started in the first place.  That’s why so many of us came out of our shells and actively participated for the first time in our lives.  And what did we get for our trouble?  A hate fest all over world media. A hate fest that is still ongoing.

At no point did the instigators of the hate fest consider the damage that they may be doing to SF fandom or the publishing industry.  To say nothing of the consequence to the people that they have been slandering so vigorously all over the media. It’s no wonder that the authors that the puppies recommend and  possibly nominate are so scared.  The kickers have demonstrated that they will assterisk and CHORF anybody who doesn’t toe their line and swallow their crap. To think that I once respected those people.

Science Fiction used to be a genre written by adults for adults.  Somewhere that got lost. Instead of the big ideas and grand swaths of genius, we are left with the petty and small, wallowing in stupidity.  If that’s all that’s left perhaps literary SF should die and disappear. There’s so little left that’s worth saving and people are working so hard to destroy that little bid.  Which is sad and pitiful.

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  1. penneyvanderbilt · March 20, 2016

    Reblogged this on KCJones.


  2. Keith Glass · March 20, 2016

    I no longer care about the Hugo Awards. Let them, and the Worldcon, sink into the obscurity that the Puppies temporarily halted.

    Ask the average attendee at a ComiCon, or at DragonCon. . .what the Hugo Award is ? You’ll generally get a blank look and an “I have no idea” response. . . .


  3. James May · March 20, 2016

    By now, the only people not aware of the presence of a cult of fringe lunatics are the lunatics themselves. People who are not fringe lunatics have gone over their gay feminist intersectional grievances one by one and found nothing there. It reminds one of trying to fisk the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

    The so-called “marginalization” of women in SF (or anyone else) has been looked at and found to be an historic bald-faced lie for which there is no basis. This cult’s weird obsession with “rape culture” as applied to something as innocuous as SF conventions (or college campuses for that matter) is as weirdly delusional as is dragging such a thing into SF in the first place. These people have routinely lied about rape stats, exaggerating them by scores of times.

    The obsession this cult has for words like “diversity” then reveals an affirmative action movement which is not only based on a lie, but refuses to use the words “affirmative action,” even claiming it doesn’t exist in the face of hundreds of quotes proving the exact opposite.

    “White male privilege” is yet another lunatic artifact dragged into a place it does not belong which tells us more about gay intersectional feminist insanity and paranoia than it does reality, Scalzi’s comment claiming such privilege is as “obvious” as “gravity” notwithstanding.

    I could go on. The point has been made to exhaustion at this point. This is an alliance of naive do-gooders and mental cases who have thrown history and science into a ditch while claiming a special insight into history and calling others “anti-science.” The latter is particularly funny since the most honored “science” fiction novel in history is modeled after queer theory which asserts heterosexuality was invented by men as an ideology to oppress women in pre-history across 5 continents. The cure is to ungender language and so some daffy housewife gets a Hugo and Nebula for her first novel, a thing not even fit for the back of an old Ace Double.

    This entire affair has been financed like an ideological welfare agency. This social justice cult has turned its back on the old profit model for the simple reason no one wants to read nonsense full of capering lesbians or intersectional revenge fantasies where ignoble white men come to the noble, never-conquered Incas with their hats in their hands begging for help. The latest Nebula nominees look more like a KKK than SFF and feature an unprecedented number of free stories or novels written by housewives moonlighting as writers on daddy’s dime which never would’ve existed under the old profit model. Also unprecedented in the 100 year history of SF are “anti-racist” authors using terms for whites like “sour dough-faced” and “cracka ass cracka.” Nebula and Hugo nominees feature “white tears” coffee mugs and use slurs like “white dude parade” or “white cis dudes” without a hint anyone ever used the words “equal protection” or whom that most benefits.

    The one thing we’ve learned is this cult is immune to debate, logic, reason, facts or quotes. It is a cult of delusional pathological liars who run on fumes of nebulous terms like “structural inequality” and “disadvantaged groups” because those are of course as “obvious” as “gravity” if you’re nuts or simply a paranoid miseducated moron.


  4. Francis W. Porretto · March 21, 2016

    As an attorney you would think that he would know the value of evidence and provide some, but apparently, he’s just running in hate.

    Maybe he’s just adhering to an old lawyer’s maxim: “When the law is against you, pound the facts. When the facts are against you, pound the law. When both are against you, pound the table.”

    There’s a lot of nonsense in circulation over the Puppy Contretemps. My reaction, though I find very little objectionable about the Puppies and a whole lot objectionable about the Kickers, has been to ignore the Hugo Awards completely. This doesn’t appear to be what either side wanted.

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