The Mendacity Of Albert Gore

I just got me some old time good old southern religion.  It used to be “COME TO JEEESUS, BELIEVE!!!”  Well now apparently the high class Southern minister has dropped all the Christianity for a new way to guilt people into filling the plate.  Why bother with the Christian sinners when the WHOLE PLANET is at stake. Enter Albert Gore, former Senator and evangelical minister to the smart set.

I first heard about Al Gore’s Ted talk on Adam Savage’s podcast and when he mentioned how he felt about it I had  to watch.  Gore’s talk was posted on Youtube. Here it is.

I’m not going to try to pick apart the talk fact by fact.  While it would be fun and entertaining it would be as pointless and relevant as Gore’s “facts.” Which is to say that Gore was doing had nothing to do with facts and everything to do with making his parishioners feel guilty about themselves.  For which Gore will grant them absolution and the path  to righteousness. HALLELUJAH!!!  What Gore is doing is feeding the techniques of the old time Southern preachers to a crowd that’s never experienced it before.  The oh so smart people in the crowd at Ted will all laugh at creationists and yet miss the reason that creationism exists even when it’s staring them in the face.

I lived in Southern Virginia for two years when I worked at Jefferson Lab.  In Southern VA the TV choices on Sunday are pretty limited. Especially when you don’t have cable.  So when I moved down there I didn’t have much to watch.  So I looked into some of the local color which is full on Baptist “ministry.” Well it was either that or old Jefferson Lab physicists doing very weird science.  And I was seeing those guys five days a week. So I got to see old time religion first hand.  And recognize the techniques when I see them.  the same sort of techniques used by Sen. Gore.

The reason That Gore is successful in the venues he uses is guilt. Gore chooses the venues to proselytize where the guilt quotient is incredible.  He preaches his tangle of doom and falsehoods amid the wealthy and powerful and gives them the hope that the guilt they feel over being where they are and what they have.  Gore is promising the swells an indulgence if they put money, lot’s of it, in the collection plate and spread the WORD of the church of Gaia.  That’s a powerful incentive. And the swells eat it up.

The difference between a Baptist and a green though is that while a Baptist may evangelize, he’s not expected to tax you and leave you in the dark to push his religion forward.  A Green, on the other hand is expected to remake the world to further their end no matter what the damage to people.

This tendency comes from a dark history.

The indulgence that pastor Gore is giving the swells is the indulgence for the swells to put the rest of in chains, if they don’t murder us outright.

I’m sorry but no matter who the priest is, genocide for Gaia is right out.  especially when it’s based on the false theories of a man who seemingly hated humanity and all his followers since.

If the swells at Ted and elsewhere want to assuage their guilt they are free to sell their fine homes fancy, cars and fancy luxuries and move to some place without electricity.  Don’t ask the rest of us to do so or to feel guilty about the planet that doesn’t need saving, commodities that are not running short or the people that we aren’t starving to death.



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