Here Are the Jobs Numbers for February, More of the Same.

90 Million. If anybody’s wondering how Trumps voters are, just look here. Yet if you listen to the media, those 90 million, their shattered dreams and lost hope altogether, might as well not exist. 90 million people who have become the unpeople of the establishment state. this is NOT a stable situation.

American Elephants


Early in each month the employment numbers come out covering the preceding month. Then everybody starts arguing over just what the numbers mean. For example, President Obama accused the Republicans of “living in an alternative reality.” Always helpful.

Obama boasted that the unemployment rate remained below 5 percent in February while 1.5 million workers have entered the labor force in the past three months. Pointing to those indicators, he argued that the economy is strong, not weak as both Republicans and Democrats have claimed on the campaign trail.

That’s true.  The employment rate is 4.9%, right where it was at the end of January. There were 242,ooo new jobs. That was a better number than expected. But then Obama’s economists cut the growth forecast for the first quarter from 2.5 percent down to 1.4 percent. That is not good. The numbers of long term unemployed and involuntary part-time workers, and…

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