The “long whimper” of failing climate alarmism

It looks like reality is catching up with climate activism. Or the powers that be no longer need the shills. In any case the noisemakers are dying away, one by one.

Watts Up With That?


Guest essay by Gary Pearse (elevated from a comment)

On the thread Yale University Closes Climate Change Institutelongtime WUWT commenter Gray Pearse gave a synopsis of the anemic state of climate activism these days. As I published that article, I had thought to myself that the closing of this Yale Climate Institute signals a sea-change, one that has been long in coming. Gary cemented those thoughts, and I have reproduced his comments here with added links to his references in order to provide the perspective.

Gary Pearse

This is part of the long whimper. Climategate in 2009 and the “ridiculously resilient” Pause were pretty much the straws that cracked the climate’s back. The timing of both marked the beginning of the pandemic of chronic clinical depression that struck an unknown number of prominent climate scientists more than halfway through their careers that we…

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