Bombshell Expose’ – Conservative Radio: Limbaugh, Ingraham, Hannity and Levin Were All Part of Gang-of-Eight “Gaslighting”…

There’s just one little problem with this. Having listened to Limbaugh and Hannity for years, and Levin off and on, it seems to me that all of them have taken long term stands against amnesty and immigration reform unless the border was secure. And I find that the NY Times track record on hit pieces and outright falsehoods speaks for itself. Adding to that is the continuous and ongoing effort on the part of people on the left to discredit and shut down conservative talk radio that has been ongoing for decades. If something like this had actually happened it would have come out and been dragged all over the media a long time ago. But I will reserve my opinion until Monday, when the airwaves open up and the people involved speak for themselves, which they will.

This HUGE story is back on page 22, on Sunday, with no sources, meeting minutes or any real documents, just mentions Murdoch and Aisles, and says that Rubio needed to talk to Limbaugh.  Big whoop.  That’s sort of obvious. From what I can tell, this meeting got little or nothing from talk radio.  MY suspicion is that this is a seed story to start a new media bombardment for Trump and the Democrats. “Bombshell” this is not.

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