This Is What Trust Is All About

Mr. Cook of Apple earned his salary this week.  Here’s why.

Look at that top ten list of Apple user countries.  China, India, Russia, Indonesia.  Hundreds of millions of people willing to pay a premium for an Apple phone.  A phone that may cost them more than the typical person in those countries make in a year.  Why?  Because when the rubber hits the road all those hundreds of millions of customers trust Apple better than they do their own governments. With good reason in those low trust societies.  That’s what Mr. Cook is protecting.  I suspect that he understands at gut level just what the consequences of Apple will be if Apple betrays the trust that it’s customers place in it.

Apple is proving that there are more important things than “national security.” The trust of approximately half the population of the planet is one of them.  The future of those people to live better and more secure lives is another.  Having secure and private data is essential when the government corruption and oppression are all around you. Where there is no law, or the law is corrupt, being able keep your business private becomes essential. Apples phones and devices provide the security and privacy people need to conduct business without literally risking their lives.

Of course the consequences of Apple caving are that Apple will have failed all those people, who will, as soon as they can, find other ways to do business and Apple will lose all those hundreds of Millions of customers and the revenue they provide.  So no back door, FBI.

If the FBI and NSA are so inept that they can’t do simple traffic analysis on the communications or find other means to do the legwork, why has country spent hundreds of billions over decades to build up an intelligence apparatus that apparently can’t find it’s ass with both hands. And what happens to what’s left of our liberties if nothing is secure from the government?

A quick explanation of encryption.

And Apple’s statement.

I’m also going to point out that this is the FBI in the same administration that has violated every rule and law of national security and data encryption to the point that it is almost certain that at least some government servers have been compromised and who’s handling of secure data can only be described as abysmal.  Would you bet your life on some Obama Administration not selling the Apple private key once they had it. I wouldn’t.


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