New Haven RR Train Wreck

Even the best have bad days as this Valley local found out. These pictures were part of a pile of rulebooks and other railroad documentation from New Haven employee that I found.  They are an interesting set of pics of the effort it takes to recover from a derailment.

The writing on the first picture read:

Valley Local North found at Belamose 12-20-48.

These pictures taken just after daybreak. Wreck was 2-24-24. These taken 12-24-48- Engine 3011.


Trainmaster William J. Milan, Master Mechanic Rob Hooper in parka



Locomotive is a class J1 Mikado.


The derailment apparently happened in Rocky Hill Ct.,_Connecticut

I can’t determine if 3011 was retired or returned to service.


  1. Chris Adams · February 17, 2016

    Hi John! A friend just turned me on to this site and the photos you posted here. As you can tell from my website, I have a *very keen* interest in the Valley Local and the CT Valley Line generally. I’d be very interested in sharing information if you’re willing. The treasure trove of NHRR items you found sounds especially intriguing. So, thank you for sharing these photos and let me know if you’d like to correspond a bit. Cheers!


    • jccarlton · February 17, 2016

      The pics were in a bunch of stuff that I bought sight unseen through ABE a while back. It’s an engineer’s rule books, some examinations and sign offs and those pictures I scanned. I’m more of a West end electrifcation person myself. But I try to find all sorts of stuff and much of it’s going to show up here. Hey, when I can flummox Rick the rails I’ve got a pretty good collection.


  2. Randy Hammill · February 18, 2016

    #3011 was condemned on 5/19/50. While that doesn’t indicate whether it was back in service before that, I believe that this was just a simple derailment and not really a ‘wreck’. The line had a 20 mph speed limit so I doubt there was much damage to the locomotive.


  3. Charlie Dunn · February 21, 2016

    NH #3011 was evidently repaired sufficiently to be used as a spare. It shows up as assigned to the New Haven division at Cedar Hill – Spare – D.S.F. (Dumped to Save Fuel) in 04/24/1949 Engine Assignment roster and the same assignment in the 09/1949 Engine Assignment roster. It was condemned on 5/19/1950 and sold to Luria Bros. on 6/21/1950.


  4. penneyvanderbilt · February 22, 2016

    Reblogged this on KCJones.


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