What Happens When People Stop Buying

One thing the taxers never seem to consider is what happens when their new tax hits family budgets.  Consider the increase in health insurance caused by the Affordable Care Act, which has turned out to be very unaffordable for millions.  Well the retail reports are starting to tell us what happens. People being force to spend for healthcare insurance that they don’t need don’t have the money to spend or save on other things.  And those other things don’t do so well.


Of course store closings should always be a last resort. One might think that condensing in the face of losing sales would only strengthen what’s left but instead it usually drive business elsewhere.




Peter Grant has more thoughts.


I posted about this back in May:

If you have any doubts about the true state of the economy just do this test.


Frankly one of the biggest problems is that small businesses are being choked to death by the ever increasing taxes, fees, regulations and licenses.


Which sort of answers the question, “why isn’t America working?”



And Sears adds 50 more stores to the total.

Sears Is Closing at Least 50 More Stores

Actions have consequences.   The things that are happening are not just caused by the poor general economy.  They are caused by the antigrowth narrow minded actions taken by the current administration.

For more on the dysfunctional economy click Here or on the tag below.

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