Nakano Broadway

If you like anime and manga, You will want to visit Nakano Broadway if you visit Japan.  I’ve been there all three of my trips to Japan.  Surprisingly, I don’t have that many pics of the inside, but what I have is here.

Nakano Broadway

It’s a short walk from the Chuo Line Nakano station.,139.6637232,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x1526bb6342856fa9:0xe9aa9d88c43197d5

The mall is known for it’s shops containing anime and manga goods, but there’s actually much more there.  My first trip we go there before Mandarake opened and I walked around the entire mall, finding all sort of little shops selling all sort of Japanese stuff that had nothing to do with hobbies  or anime.  There’s also the long covered shopping district as you walk toward Broadway.

For  some off the wall shopping in Tokyo it’s worth going just a little off the beaten path to get to Nakano Broadway.  It’s also a good stop after visiting the Ghibli museum as both are on the Chuo Line.


Nakano Broadway Official Site.

Here’s a playlist of walkthrough videos.

The main attraction for most non Japanese is Mandarake the used manga, anime and Otaku goods paradise.  Mandarake isn’t just one big store, it’s a bunch of different small cubes scattered all over the third and fourth floor of Broadway.

Danny Choo does a walkthrough.

And another one

Still more.

Nakano Broadway is one of those places that are always worth taking time for.  It’s also easy to get to and worth the trip if you are in Tokyo. Highly recommended, for what that’s worth.


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