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The fact is that the Conservative movement has failed in the most key way. It’s failed to understand the massive stakes involved and the consequences of losing. The Conservative movement has spent so much time fighting the small battles that it never saw what was happening in the big one.
Fortunately the left has also failed. The left’s dream society is an nightmare that requires mass force. constant virtue signaling and indoctrination and cultish obedience and still can’t make things work.
The problem for the left now is that they have, in name of diversity, ostracized the most productive accomplished, assertive people in history, the white men. And if the new right is any indication, the people they’ve been ostracizing for so long are tired and not going to take it anymore.

According To Hoyt

It is a trope in magic fiction of all types (and times) that you should be careful what you conjure, because if you pronounce the wrong name, you could invoke the wrong being.

It’s funny because I always thought the left was particularly fond of fantasy literature, but I guess they didn’t pay attention to the cautionary parts of it.

For decades now, in shows, in books, and in ultimate resort by painting this image in the news no matter how unrealistic (like the creation of straw Brad, straw Larry and occasionally straw Sarah) in the media, the left has been making up a picture of those who oppose them.

The right was, in general, according to these media racist, sexist, homophobic white supremacists and nationalists.

That this picture had generally bloody nothing — or perhaps less than 2% , the two percent being that a lot of us were…

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