The Making of a Hard Right-Winger

This is a great piece about a new Conservative. I think, though he sells Conservatives short. He’s never been to the period before Limbaugh and the rest, the time when the only media available was the National Review and subversive publishers working almost in the shadows. And Sad Puppies at least, has gotten a lot of push in Instapundit just because of who the puppies are. Now’s the time for Carpe Diem. The left is nothing but a geriatric set of old hippies and astroturf and the Republican establishment can’t find it’s rear end with both hands. Now’s the time to speak up and be heard.

Caleb Q Washington

I don’t think many people would deny that the hard right around the world is growing in numbers and in impact. I’ve decided to write this piece for two reasons. First, many people find this trend troubling and are quick to project what they hope our stories and backgrounds are to resolve their cognitive dissonance. The second, those of us who hold views outside the mainstream of American politics tend to rightfully shroud our backgrounds in mystery in a way to stay pseudonymous, but I always appreciate learning about others and finding shared experiences.

I also want to make this point clear: when I use the phrase “hard right”, I mean that if I was honest about my views, I could not win elected office. That said, there’s nothing I’m not perfectly comfortable expressing to my friends and family. Feel free to examine my other posts or talk to me on Twitter to discern my views…

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