A State of Fear

Not only do they allow child molesters at their table, they give them the best chairs.
This is something that needs to be brought out of the closet.

According To Hoyt


Should we agree right here and now that people’s political opinions have nothing to do with how they do their job? Even when their job has an intellectual and emotional component.

There are — or should be — good teachers of all political stripes, more or less in proportion to those political stripes in the nation.  And there are — or should be — artists of all political stripes, more or less in proportion with the existence of those politics in the nation.  Also same proportion of psychiatrists, technicians, mathematicians, etc.

It doesn’t mean that the teacher wouldn’t, at times, let his politics influence him.  A leftist teacher, for instance, might give more group work.  But if he is a good teacher, he’ll balance this with experience, so it wouldn’t impair learning.  In the same way a good artist might be a leftist, but his work will still mirror the…

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