Some High Speed Rail Stuff

When I posted 100 years Under The Singing Wires a while back I forgot about the Japan Railway And Transport Review and most especially it’s Shinkansen anniversary issues. JRTR is produced by the East Japan Railway Cultural Institute which also runs the museum at Saitama, which is well worth the trip if you are in Tokyo.

Here’s the back issue list.

Perhaps the most interesting story is the short article by Hideo Shima who was the Chief Engineer for JNR during the construction of the Tokaido Shinkansen. Here’s a PDF of the article.


One of the primary research facilities for railway research in Japan is the RTRI. The also have an excellent English newsletter and magazine concerning HSR technologies.

Some of the problems that the Acela has are shared by the Thalys service as this cab ride demonstrates.

An Acela video I found.



An interesting article on the politics of HSR in England.

H/T Penney Vanderbilt.


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