Amazing Steve Doesn’t Get It

Steve Davidson posted a set of demands that the Puppies MUST meet to get into the good graces of the kickers.

  1. stop scamming the system.  If you want to recommend works that you think are worthy of the award, go ahead and do so.  But drop the political agenda (you’re dragons are imaginary) and eliminate the hateful, snarky commentary

The puppies never “scammed the system.”  As far as I know, heretofore there was no “system” to be scammed.  At least by the rules.  I’ve known for decades that all you need to do to vote for a Hugo was buy a supporting membership.  All Brad and Larry did was make that a WORTHWHILE endeavor.

This is a good thing for the Worldcon and the Hugos.  For Sasquan it was worth about 40k or more.  That’s found money that kept Sasquan in the black and did the fans of Spokane and the Northwest a fair amount of good.  If there were any justice in the world the people running Sasquan would have had a show THANKING the puppies for keeping them in the black, something that can be very hard for a con.

2. stop attacking the very people who are offering you a bridge

What people are offering any puppy  a “bridge.” You Steve? Really? George with his hood ornaments? David with his assterick’s?  TNH’s promises of smoke and fire?  Frankly the lion’s share of the attacks on people came from the kickers.  Truly ugly ones too.  Maybe if the kickers hadn’t STARTED with the accusations of racism and misogyny you might have something to talk about.  But they did and you don’t.

3. please learn a little bit about the history of Worldcon and the Hugo Awards.

The puppies know about the history of Worldcon and the Hugos.  At least the good parts.  We are finding out the bad stuff as we go along.  Some of which is pretty ugly. See Marian Zimmer Bradley.

4. if you want to be counted as Fans, then be Fans.  Fans who care attend Worldcon, nominate their conscience and attend the business meeting to effect change they think is needed.  They work WITH and within fandom – they do not set themselves up as a cabal that engages in fear and hate.

Steve we all saw the cabal that engages in fear and hate at the Hugo Awards last year.  Frankly the way you all reveled in the fear and hate that you people had been spreading all over the place for years was rather disgusting. We all  saw the actions of people who were exactly what Larry and Brad said they were, cliquish petty little haters who could only see their own selfish interests and didn’t care about the consequences to literary SF.

The puppies TRIED to just be Fans.  We have attended cons for years, nominated the stuff we liked and yes, attended the meetings.  For that the writers and artists, not us, but the people we admired, got wooden a’holes.

You know, there’s a way to attract new people to your club.  It’s called outreach and it’s an important club activity.  I’m a member of a bunch of things and those clubs that don’t have an active outreach program die, literally as the membership, well, dies.  The fact is that the way the World SF people are going the World SF is going to be dead.  It’s already hurting.  In a time where throw together media cons can attract 20k without raising a sweat the attendance of the typical SF con is a joke.

The fact is that Fandom is enjoying the slow death  of inertia.  The people in charge of SF fandom have been so caught up in their own little world that they can’t see what’s happening.  If the author of one of the most popular TV series out there has to sock puppet 2000 votes to no award the Hugos, what does that tell you.  Seriously that has to be somebody’s who’s totally out of touch with his fans.

After the fiasco George seems to think that he can just wave his hands and everything will go back to the way it was.  Like most of the TruFen he’s so caught up in his own little world that reality doesn’t seem to touch him.

The fact is that none of this is about George or any other puppy kicker.  It’s about reading and stories.  We puppies want stories that entertain and enlighten us.  If that means reaching into the past, then that’s what needs to happen.

Kicking the puppies with steel toed shoes isn’t outreach.  It isn’t making a bridge and it isn’t going to resolve the problems that SF fandom is having and create any kind of dialog.  All the kicking does is elicit responses like this and hardens an already steel hard resolve. Stop making demands and try to talk and maybe things get resolved.  Keep going the way thing are going and it all burns down.

As for Vox, well as he said, the only thing he did last year was make ONE post recommending some books.  For that the kickers dumped an enormous pile of crap on all the puppies.  Unfortunately they probably should have been watching their rear. Here’s some opening salvos.

I think that the kickers should remember that Vox PUBLISHED the book on fourth generation warfare.  They can hate on him all they like and accuse the puppies of collusion when they are not, but in the end it will be their own actions that they have to watch out for.  After the circus of last year’s Hugos, where people like TONI WEISKOFF were handed those stupid wooden butt holes do the kickers really think that they can just make all the bad feelings they created go away?  They’ve been playing Vox’s game all along and they can’t see it.

Vox doesn’t care about the Hugos.  He doesn’t care about Worldcon. Apparently he attended one and didn’t like it very much.  He is really pissed at the elite of SF fandom and especially Patrick Nelson Hayden for the way that they treated him.  So if the Hugos are destroyed, especially if the SF elites do the destroying, Vox will just laugh.  Yet, in spite of all the warnings the puppies have given, the SF elite, rather than change and engage in the outreach that SF fandom so desperately needs, seem determined to play Vox’s game for him, right down to putting Worlcon in Helsinki, Castilia House’s home town.

The sad puppies never wanted to destroy Worldcon of the Hugos.  They just wanted to make the award relevant to the readers who seem to be the forgotten people in all this.   But it’s the readers who are moving on.  Steve, you own a dead magazine.  What happened to it? What happened to almost all the magazines?  Why can’t authors make a living with their backlists anymore in traditional publishing?  Where have the readers gone? Nobody on the kicker side wants to address these real problems.  And they are problems.

All the talk about diversity, LGBT,  and message fiction misses the point.  In the end it’s all about keeping readers.  If you can’t do that, none of the rest matters.  The fact is that the readers has been walking away for decades now.  There goes the fan base.  Look at the attendees of the typical con.  How many new faces do you see? If what I’ve seen at the cons I’ve attended over the years, a diminishing number. While it’s nice to see the same old crowd year after year, at some point no new people is the kiss of death.

It’s even worse for a media that is declining.  Which is exactly what’s happening to SF.  The numbers don’t lie and in the end the only number that matters is sales.  Which have been going down the tubes for years.  When I started reading SF books and movies had coattails.  Reading one book led to others.  That doesn’t happen anymore and if the puppy kickers don’t get their heads out of their wooden a’holes and smell the coffee, SF as a vibrant media is dead.  Which hurts fans of every stripe.


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  1. Wat Tyler · January 3, 2016

    Somewhere Francis Towner Laney is pointing at the Puppy Kickers and laughing his spectral ass off.


  2. MishaBurnett · January 3, 2016

    And this is exactly why I don’t label my books as “Science Fiction”. The brand has, in my opinion, been irrevocably tarnished.


  3. feralplum · March 17, 2016

    I think Lois Bujold has tossed a lovely hand grenade to the puppy kickers. Imagine everything they want in a book – Female author, bisexual protagonist, no conflict, little science, and novel reproductive methods – in a book edited by the little satan, published by the big satan, set within a military series, and too well written to ignore. Plus it is eligible for this year’s Hugos.

    Oh what can they do?



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