A Day in the Life of an Imperial Staff Officer

A day in the life of an Imperial Staff Puke. At least he got the letter out before it all went boom.

The Angry Staff Officer

Imperial Staff Officer

Dear Dad,

You mentioned that you would like to know what my days are like now that I have graduated from the Raithal Imperial Academy, and since I’m on staff duty with not a lot to do, I figured I’d tell you. As you know, I did not get my first choice of assignment to the Stormtrooper Corps. I’m sure that makes both you and mom happy that I will be out of combat, but ever since I read the Tarkin Doctrine in school, I have wanted to be at the forefront of the Empire’s forces. Plus, the black uniforms the Stormtrooper Officers get to wear are so much cooler than these gray ones the rest of us wear in the Army.

However, due to my high test scores, I have been given a very “prestigious” assignment for a junior officer: I am assigned to the Plans Section, Operations Division…

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