When You Start Banning Guns Where Does It End?

There have been a bunch of posts and articles calling for gun bans in the wake of the San Bernardino shooting.  The NYTimes has called for “decency,” The Daily News had scary black front pages and we got scary articles from the likes of Slate and the New Yorker. To say nothing of all the stuff from the TV media.

Strangely all this screeching was ignoring the elephant  in the room, Islamic atrocities in the name of Allah, but that’s typical of our elites.  They are more likely as John C Wright points out to “point deer, make horse.”  The elites  have their own agenda and that doesn’t include dealing with the cultural attributes and tendency to commit atrocities of the adherants of Islam.  The elites are far more concerned with our having the right to arm ourselves and perhaps defend ourselves from the elites.

It turns out that this was a coordinated action from the media and the government run directly from the Administration.  The elites must have had all this ready to launch, just waiting for the  details to be filled in.  I have, in all my life, never seen such an assault on the basic liberties of the American people. The progs have let the cat out of the bag and posts and Articles like this calling for outright ban are the new screech.

Of course these calls for gun bans miss the biggest by far gun related violence.  That is gun violence initiated by misbehaving governments on their own people.   I mean look at the 20th Century numbers. 282 MILLION people killed by their own governments.  And this total doesn’t seem to include the usual day to day police shootings.  The 21st Century hasn’t seemed to change the trend.  In fact it appears that the Police here in the US  are gearing up for war. War against whom?

How is this supporting the rule of law?  This looks more like an invading and occupying army.  House to house searches.  This time it was for a terrorist they did not even find.  Next time?  Once you declare war, all bets are off and it seems that big gov. has gone to war.

Well who have the Progs gone to war in the past?  The kulaks, of course.  Who are the kulaks? The likelihood is that you are. If you have good life, own a small business of are just a free thinker, it seems like the elites and the progs have a problem with you.  The first steps to solving that problem seems to be that the people disarm themselves, for decency, of course.  Unfortunately history is rife with good reasons why that the people works out well for some, but not so much for others.  That’s a problem when one group of people are armed to the teeth and the rest are defenseless.  History is rife with examples like this:

And this:

I think that things like those are about as far from the pursuit of life liberty and happiness  as you can get.   Well at least for most of us.  The elites don’t seem hesitate very much before wanting to trample all over our liberties.  Wanting to repeal the Second Amendment is a biggie.  The problem is that you can’t ban guns without, well trampling all over other rights as well.

First is the 4th Amendment and property rights.  After all if you limit what a small manufacturer can and  cannot make and have required inspections of all places that have machine tools the right to probable cause  and warrants goes right out the window. You can’t  wait around for such things as warrants when the evidence can disappear in a pile of parts.  The drug trade has taught us that.

The fact is that  firearm parts can now be made on even the smallest of CNC machine tools.  This Youtube playlist is an example of what can be done with even the simplest computer controls and the cheapest Chinese machine tools.


Now this is just a lower and from a rifle that is representative of a sophisticated  tool culture.  Still we don’t have to go very far to find even easier to make guns.  For that matter you can hack an open bolt submachine gun from plumbing during a slow day at a hardware store.

Of course the whole point for Progressives isn’t just the banning of guns. Their main goal is imposing the kind of controls on society that ALLOW them to ban guns.  They call It “reform.” Along with other things. Like the liberties of the people. Or free speech.  Unfortunately for the Progressives, one doesn’t have to look very far to see the ultimate result of the way they want to arrange things.  All we have to do is look at China in the 1960’s.

Here is the progressive end game in all it’s glory.  An obedient populace run by experts and lead by a truly charismatic leader.  Progs like Elizabeth Warren wax eloquent over Mao to this day. They tend to gloss over the cost, not just in lives, but in  the human spirit. It’s the human spirit that gets ground under by the compulsions of the Progs to maintain conformity at all costs.

It’s that deadening of  the human spirit that’s the core of all Progressive philosophy.  The Progressive demands that all goes to the collective for the “common good.”  That’s the touchstone of all their activism, their shouting and screeching.  You, the individual are just a part in the great machine that makes up “the narrative.”

One key thing in the whole progressive house of cards is that the “narrative” must never be wrong.  The progressive will do anything, feed anyone to ensure that the cultish narrative is never questioned.  Because if the narrative is looked at critically, like the emperor in the  story, we see that it has no clothes.  And it’s pretty ugly at best. With the glamour surrounding it gone we can see that it aging and creaking and frankly incapable of being anything that anybody needs or wants.

The narrative stifles creativity and innovation, lowers people into poverty and destroys lives. Everywhere the narrative has held sway, all that’s left is dispirited people, ruined towns and poisoned lands, with empty shelves and starving people. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing many great people from countries where  “the narrative” has held sway and the stories are always the same.

We the people should be very cautious when we are asked to give up our liberties for the promise of security.  The one thing the 20th Century should have taught us is that giving up our own responsibilities and disarm ourselves because some charismatic fanatical cultist who believes he’s the future is a not just a very bad  idea, but literally suicidal.  When a society is armed, when some demagogue and his cronies threaten to take it to the streets and make your lives hell, the proper answer is “molon labe.”








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  2. selchietracker · December 14, 2015

    the proper answer IS “molon labe.” Not IF.


  3. richard40 · December 15, 2015

    Great article, and great summation on why gun rights are the key to all our other liberties, which is why the leftists are so eager to take those gun rights away. Many conservatives have litmus tests on various issues, immigration, abortion, etc. The main one for me is gun rights. I have seen open immigration and pro choice people who still support our basic liberties, but I have never seen a fanatical gun grabber who does.


  4. penneyvanderbilt · December 16, 2015

    Reblogged this on KCJones.


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