Please Appropriate Our Culture, Say The Kimono Makers

The effect of social justice bullying is that somewhere a culture dies. Anybody reading this blog for very long will not be surprised that I love Japan and Japanese things.  I hate social justice bullying even more.  Who are a bunch of ignorant college students steeped in revolutionary rhetoric to tell the people putting on an exhibit what they can do.  Especially when the people responsible for the exhibit are from the culture that was supposedly being appropriated.  The sane people who WANT the culture to be appropriated.

The Social Justice Bullies that had the Museum Of Fine Arts shut down their kimono exhibition last summer didn’t care that the museum and others were trying to keep a culture that’s dying alive.  Living culture has live outside museums.  Al too often it’s the last stubborn people trying to keep a part of their culture alive need the support.

I will note that the Museum Of Fine Arts is apparently a temple to Japanese culture.  I’ve never been there, but I think I’m going to have to make an effort.

The people who work so hard to keep the old and dying from disappearing don’t care where that support comes from, so long as they get it.  They need the support or something good will disappear forever.

As I pointed out before art needs people to support it.  It doesn’t matter where you come from, only that you love it.  The impact of the students social justice bullying won’t be felt by them who lost nothing they really cared about, as much as they claim to be victims.  the impact will be felt in those workshops in Kyoto and our future when there is nothing more than yet another hole in the culture of us all.


  1. John Van Stry · November 6, 2015

    I have a piece of (supposedly incredibly rare) kimono art. It’s from a men’s kimono, it’s the production art that was produced first, before it was copied into the inside of a man’s kimono. It’s rare, because it was supposed to have been burned after the kimono was made. It’s from ~1920 (I forget the date penciled on it) there are some penciled notes in Japanese on it as well.
    To date, I have not found a single place in the entire US that knows anything about it. I’ve contacted the leading museums and shops all over the country and they don’t even know about men’s kimonos, much less the traditional art that went inside them. I got the piece from Japan rather cheaply (a friend of mine told me to buy it, because he knew what it was) the reason I got it just because I really liked the artwork. I’d love to find out what it’s worth, but apparently I’d have to go to Japan, because no one here knows anything about the Kimono’s that men used to wear.


  2. Rii the Wordsmith · November 9, 2015

    Thank you. I am also very tired of those who just want to fight a cause that they know little about for the sake of feeling superior. Because you can’t tell me it’s anything else. If they say it’s about anything else, they’re fooling themselves. I’m glad I could read this post that has plenty of no, seriously, you’re causing harm, not fighting a social justice cause, here’s proof. Thank you.


  3. monolithical · November 17, 2015

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    Very interesting read


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