Appendix N Survey Complete

A great piece on how things have changed since the 1970’s in SF and fantasy. Maybe because I came of age then, and thanks to forsighted editors like Jim Baen, was able to buy and read the titles in “Appendix N” before D&D even existed, I don’t really appreciate what a SFF golden age it was.

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So it’s all up now.

With this piece on Tolkien going up, I’ve done forty-three posts on Appendix N now. I read every book Gygax mentioned by name, at least the first book of each series, and I picked out one representative work for each of the entries that consisted of an author’s name alone. I also wrote about two thousand words on each book.

What’s it like doing something like this…?

Well, it’s a stunt, really. It’s sort of like that guy that spent a year living biblically… or the people that try to give up reading white men for a year. And you know, I had no idea going in what I would really find out, really. (Tolkien was the only author on the entire list that I was even familiar with when I started!)

So what did I discover?

  • Tolkien’s ascendancy was not inevitable. It’s…

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