Your Duties

I can think of multiple cases where a gunman was stopped by determined people who were not armed. Recently there was that case in France. A gun is not a magic wand and just about anything can still hurt you.
I suspect that the spate of shootings recently is a byproduct of our establishment taking the point of view that when things go wrong you must wait for experts to come and fix it. But when the SHTF 99% of the time you can guarantee that the “authority” or “expert” is going to be nowhere in sight. There was a tile when people were taught take things into their own hands. We seem to have forgotten that.

According To Hoyt

I’m not going to write about the Oregon shootings.  Not enough information is out and at this point we’d be sharing ignorance.  There is a post maybe, if the profile of the killer is accurate, because it plugs into fears I’ve had for a few years now.

There might also be (there is) a post on the sheer insanity of taking a shooting in a gun free zone as a sign we need more gun laws, as though laws were some sort of magic shield that changes reality.  Anyone who genuinely thinks that way is still in kindergarten, mentally.

But I don’t want to write about the shooting in particular.  I want to talk about this sort of event, which might not be more frequent than before (I’ve seen claims both ways) but which we’re more aware of, I guess.

My first awareness of mass killing was Black September, during…

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