Emma: A Victorian Romance – Anime Review

Actually, I loved Emma, though the manga is better than the anime. Yes Emma is passive, the story is charming and there is a great attention to detail vis a vis Edwardian London.

Perhaps the thing I liked best about it was that  it went outside the tropes and boundaries of anime and attempted to break new ground.  Comparing to titles such as “Pride and Prejudice” doesn’t really make sense.  I would expect the BBC to do a Estate romance well. After all that’s their culture.  For a Japanese to do one that works is an achievement.  It’s obvious that the creators loved the material.

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Japanese Title: Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma

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Similar: Romeo x Juliet

Black Butler

Watched in: Japanese

Genre: Historical Romance

Length: 12 episodes per season


  • Good visual Victorian setting.
  • Very romantic.


  • Emma is to passive a protagonist.
  • Conflict isn’t heavy enough.
  • Japanese mannerisms.

(Note: This anime is unrelated to Jane Austen’s Emma.)

While visiting his former governess, William Jones abruptly meets her maid, Emma, for she opens the door into his face. He is enamoured with her despite the difference in wealth and class, he a gentleman, she a maid. However, his father applies pressure for William to marry a lady, but he rejects them all. Then enters Eleanor, who seems to have a chance. A romance between two people from vastly different walks of life – I love these types of romances. Opposing circumstances bring great…

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