When Your Tax Base Goes Away, What Do You Do Then?

I don’t think that Danno and his cronies thought of that.  They should have.


For the people, like Mr. Snyder, who are more or less at the top of the tax pile, there’s very little to keep them if they decide to go.  Each one that leaves creates just a little less income for the businesses that create the quality of life.  Pretty soon those close up.  That’s the downward cycle.  So far housing prices in Fairfield County haven’t felt the effects.  But I’m not sure how long that’s going to remain the case. As for the rest of the state, I don’t know.  30k or more leaving a year is going to make a hit, eventually.

Senator Scott Frantz is right about this.  The one issue that keeps coming up in my discussions with business people all over the state for years has been the high taxes and poor business climate in general.  I’ve talked to a LOT of business people over the years and they are hurting.  How many closed factories do we need?

Connecticut is a wonderful place.  There are so many great things here. You have to work really hard to get people to want to leave.  Danno and his Democrats are willing and able to do just that, hurting even themselves with their petty, stupid greed.

For more on the dysfunctional economy click Here or on the tag below.


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