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  2. jccarlton · January 2, 2017

    Reblogged this on The Arts Mechanical and commented:

    Another cool thing from the past. I’ve never understood why the resources at the bottom of the ocean do not get more attention.


  3. SiGraybeard · January 5, 2017

    In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan lies some of the richest copper deposits in the country. Copper is available as nuggets of pure metal, called float copper, often with such a high silver percentage that it was regarded as the best copper for making wires back in WWII. While the UP no longer supports working mines, there are stories that enormous “boulders” of copper are offshore in Lake Superior. They’re just too heavy to recover at the market rates for copper ($2.527 /lb today).

    When you consider the cubic miles of rock taken from places like the Bingham copper mine outside Salt Lake City, and processed to extract tiny percentages of copper compared to the boulders of float copper, it gives you an idea just how hard it is to lift tons of metal of the floor of the lake, compared to moving tons of rock for processing.


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