Unvarnished Truth About Wind and Solar

Yup. More on this coming.

Power For USA

When dyed-in-the-wool supporters of so-called clean energy say it’s time to stop wasting money on wind and solar, it’s time to stop tax payer funded subsidies.

Two Google scientists, Ross Koningstein and David Fork, were put to work by Google in 2007 to establish how renewables, such as wind and solar, could replace fossil fuels.

They were enthusiastic supporters of Google’s move, known as RE<C, which was to develop renewable energy that would generate electricity more cheaply than coal-fired power plants.

Koningstein and Fork admitted in an IEEE Spectrum article last November that it couldn’t be done.

They finally admit what thousands of engineers and scientists already knew: It’s impossible to cut CO2 emissions enough, using wind and solar, to prevent a climate catastrophe, assuming CO2 is the culprit.

And, these Google scientists also admit there is no currently available technology that can cut CO2 emissions by the amount needed…

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