“Why Aren’t There More Women Futurists?”

Why aren’t there more Women futurists. According to our old “friend” Ms Eveleth “IT’S PARTIACRHY.” Frankly I think that it’s time we stop trying to force equality and deny diversity. We need all sorts of people doing different things not everybody just doing the same things.

Jeb Kinnison

SexistTomorrow The Sexist World of Tomorrow

Progressives are asserting a need to control Futurism to bring correct feminist and progressive thought into it.

My opinion: a study recently showed women go into scientific fields in roughly the proportion you’d expect, if you first take out everyone who didn’t study much qualifying mathematics. I expect there is a natural aggregate difference in how interested each sex is in planning for the future, preparing for hazards, etc., with men vigilant while women tend to be more focused on immediate needs and alleviating suffering — the Mommy vs Daddy differences. And so you would expect futurists to skew male simply because they are interested (sometimes obsessed) by the topic.

None of this means there aren’t women who are interested and good at futurism (e.g., Virginia Postrel.) But an effort to force more women into futurism means less good futurism and more feelz as…

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