Soros and Obama’s War on Coal

How cronyism works. It’s also how Obama pays off his investors. What happens to ratepayers, taxpayers, poor people in Eastern states and those Eastern states as a consequence of “skyrocketing electric rates” doesn’t bother them very much.


Since when does the EPA have tax collecting, appropriating or disbursing authority?  I thought that was Congress’s job:

The EPA has been running amok for decades.

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Steve Milloy. has a provocative take on Obama’s war on coal:

Earlier this month, the Environmental Protection Agency issued rules under the guise of preventing global warming that supposedly will reduce coal-fired electricity in the U.S. by 32 percent. This action is on top of other Obama EPA rules that are already well on their way to shuttering another 20 percent of coal plants.

And those EPA rules have been complimented by a host of other regulatory pain designed to make U.S. coal mining more difficult, including rules to reduce dust levels in mines and rules to designed to limit coal mining under the guise of protecting surface and ground water.

Combined with the ongoing glut of cheap natural gas, all these Obama regulations are pushing electric utilities out of coal and, hence, driving the coal industry out of business.

On the day that the EPA global warming rules were…

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