More Kimono

A great article in the Japan Times.

This is clearly a SJW attack on culture that is directly at odds with the culture that produced it to the detriment of that culture.  The Japanese don’t care if their culture is appropriated.  In fact that’s exactly what they want. In fact that’s what they have wanted almost from the minute Admiral Peary’s ships showed up in Tokyo Bay.  Except for the Shoguns who were stifling the country and the culture.  But this is typical of SJW behavior where the only thing that matters is power and control. The fact that they are hurting the people they purport to help is only a bonus as far as they are concerned.

What they don’t seem to care about is the fact that art only survives as long as there is an audience for it.  Art needs somebody who cares.  That’s especially true of traditional fashion like the kimono.  The fact is that if we don’t appreciate our treasures, we will soon no longer have them.

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