Five Things You Should Do If You Want To Be A Design Engineer, Let’s Build

From Solidsmack.

The big problem will be finding a Mcmaster Carr catalog you can get your hands on one.

Here’s some more books to read.

I wouldn’t hesitate to dive into used bookstores and dig for engineering books.  they usually go cheap and quite often you can find books with good design ideas in them even if they are old. The one book I would buy right now is “Machinery’s Handbook.”  There is no better reference for how stuff gets made than that book.

Learn how to make stuff.  Make an Adan Savage Toolbox for instance and use the skills you learn in sheet metal.  Buy some electronics kit and learn how to solder.  Get some tools, starting with an electric drill, working through a Dremel tool to maybe some small machine tools.  Make something real.

Go to Maker Fairs and see what other people have done.  Join a hacker space.

Learn how to fail and recover.  Don’t be disappointed by a waste of a large amount of time and resources that just doesn’t pan out.  It happens.

If you are looking at being a designer, the sooner you get your hand on a copy of Solidworks the better.  Also learn how to draw in orthograhic views as sketches and learn how view things in both 2D and 3D.

And always keep striving and see your failures as learning experiences.  Don’t give up because it seem hard. Things do get better.

The Let’s Build Series:

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