Three fantastic Japan-themed exhibits at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts set to end soon

Yesterday there was some news about a protest over the “racist” Museum of Fine Arts and it’s sharing of a Kimono while exhibiting a Monet of a young French woman wearing a very elaborate kimono.
Of course the MFA is SO bigoted against the Japanese that they wouldn’t just fill the museum with Japanese art and culture. But that’s what they did this Summer. How can you be bigoted against something you care so much about.

SoraNews24 -Japan News-

20150501_1510292015 has been a good year for lovers of Japanese art in Boston. The city’s phenomenal Museum of Fine Arts has hosted not just one, but three special exhibitions of Japanese art so far this year, along with its newly restored Japanese garden outside. The most hyped of all of these is an exhibition dedicated solely to Katsushika Hokusai, one of the most important ukiyo-e painters and printmakers of the Edo period who’s best known as the creator of The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

Besides the Hokusai collection, the museum is also hosting a particularly powerful exhibit displaying the work of 17 photographers in the wake of the 2011 Tohoku triple disasters, along with a lighthearted exhibit showcasing prints of some whimsical Japanese toys and games. As all three of the exhibitions are preparing to wind down within the next few weeks after hosting thousands of visitors over…

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