A Lego Story

Some serious and fun stuff about Lego that showed up.

I think every creative kid had Lego. I certainly did.  The Lego I grew up with in the 1960’s and 1970’s didn’t have the sets and instructions that exist now.  In a way that was better because I had use imagination to make what I wanted.  It also made me think of Lego as a supply rather than a finished model. Soon after I built something in Lego I would tear it down and use it for something else.  By the time the kits started I had already pretty much outgrown Lego as a material and the first kits were, to put it bluntly rather crude.  But Lego was an important part of me learning to be a maker.

The Story of Lego.

Don’t step on the bricks.

There is a Lego documentary coming.


Lego is the biggest toymaker.


Some incredible pics here.  I think that they are CG, but still great.

Robots Make Robot Noises

A Lego blog.


Lego announces $150 million plan to replace oil plastic.


I think that this will turn out to be futile.  Especially for a company that’s concerned with both quality and costs like Lego has to be.  Lego has been able to maintain the quality of their bricks for over half a century now and that’s not something that you can  throw away lightly.  This is a big issue and even a slight change in material could have ramifications both upstream and down.


Tested brings in Carl Merriam, who is a product designer at Lego for a week of Lego with Friends.  Subscribe at Tested for the rest of the week.


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