So you want to write an award-winning Hard Science Fiction story?

Writing a hard SF story? Do your homework.

Mad Genius Club

There is a breed of Science Fiction (SF) story that tries to pay special attention to the rules. And by that I mean the story doesn’t play fast and loose with the known laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and other natural parameters of which we’re aware. Or, if it does play fast and loose, it plays fast and loose in a very specific way, with a very specific aspect of physics, or chemistry, or mathematics, while paying attention to a new set of rules established by the author — rules adhered to throughout the duration of the story. This type of SF has been called “hard” by most of its fans and authors. One of the more famous practitioners of Hard SF (HSF) is a man named Larry Niven, who himself cut his teeth on the works of one of the all-time greats, Robert A. Heinlein.

I in turn cut…

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