The Strange Life Of An Illegal

Not that kind of illegal.  During the cold war the KGB would infiltrate men like this into the US and the west to live double lives.  I first heard about how the KGB operated in John Barron’s classic books on the KGB.  The stories showed the terrible goals and efforts of an agency who’s largest enemy was itself.  Far too many people don’t understand the secret wars fought during the cold war to manipulate and infiltrate the US and the enemy from within.  Or how the clownish and stupidity of the KGB brought it all to nothing in the end.  Not without millions of victims.  Great wrongs brought about by drunken incompetent clowns who never had to suffer the consequences.

The illegals were caught in the middle. By the very nature of their double lives they lived they were living normal lives here in the US, with all the benefits that came from that, while constantly getting orders from, and being threatened by, a bunch of people far away who had no clue how things  actually worked and who’s instructions virtually guaranteed that at some point that the poor guy would have his life ruined because he was compromised by his own boss’s incompetence.

All too frequently they were driven crazy by the demands of an agency that had no clues as to how the US worked and had impossible mission requirements.  The bit about the passports is typical.  Total cluelessness.

What seems to happened to every illegal that I’ve ever heard is pretty much the same.  By and large they were selected as clever fellows who manage for a while to survive by quick wits, get jobs and move on with their lives.  In the end they break away from the stupid demands of the KGB and make their own lives. All too frequently the FBI just gives them  that interview where they admit to what they were and end their double lives.  Or they give the finger to the KGB, one way or another and with the end of the cold war who cares?


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  2. MadRocketSci · March 27, 2016

    I did watch this one back when you posted it. Wild stuff!


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