Disconnect With Reality

I’ve posted stuff about the economic conditions in Connecticut before.  One would believe that our legislators would know about how bad things are and be taking steps to lower the already high taxes.  That no significant tax increase would be in the offing.  You would be wrong.


I have one thing to say about this. ARE THEY CRAZY!!!  I mean seriously.  There are less than 4 million people in Connecticut.  Who are ALREADY carrying the highest burden in the country.  So the Democrats only solution is more, more, lot’s more.  The excuse seems to be that it’s on the richest citizens. That’s the group of people that can adjust their incomes, invest in tax free munis or offshore investments.  Good luck collecting money from that.  More importantly, that’s investment money Connecticut desperately needs.  The state is losing jobs and businesses, not growing.  More importantly, it’s losing the businesses that give it it’s character.  Each of the “for lease signs” on the road means just another place that isn’t there any more.  Each empty lot is a factory that used to employ people.  Simply put, the blue model is strangling the  golden goose.

CT doesn’t have any oil wells or any resources at all except rocks.  There’s not a whole lot of money exporting rocks.  The biggest rocks seem to be in our state legislator’s heads.  The state is in a death spiral, the spin to a crash and burn that will be a disaster to those who live there, that for whatever reasons haven’t moved out.

Our Governor is being “hounded” about the new taxes.


He should be.  Maybe if he gets an idea of the impact on real people, he won’t be so quick to sign this tax increase we cannot afford.  What’s interesting is that far more people are understanding that a tax increase on one group or person is a tax increase on everybody.  Look any tax is parasitical.  The problem is that taxes that are too high will kill an economy regardless of who they are supposed to enacted upon.

Stories like this aren’t helping.  The fact is that you can’t get blood from a stone or tax businesses and people that don’t exist.  And that’s what’s happening.  It’s just getting worse as time goes on.


For more on the dysfunctional economy click Here or on the tag below.


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