Middle School Never Ends

I hated middle school and high school. Cliques only work for their members.

According To Hoyt

It is the blessing and curse of humanity that we are social creatures.

It is a blessing because it’s a source of happiness. Some of the greatest sources of happiness as a human (no, really, I am one) come through connection with other humans. I know some of the specific sources of my happiness come through hanging out with the guys, or even working in my office and listening to them laugh in the next room (like yesterday, when I really had to finish something.)

It’s a curse because if you get humans together they immediately form two groups and start imagining their group is superior to all others.

I remember this wedding party which was not among our normal acquaintance, so I didn’t know anyone. I was, I think, about ten. The older kids separated off into a group and we into another, and we went and played in…

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