Universities are Doomed, College is Revolting

Mike Rowe has a solution to this problem. It’s called working smarter and harder. learn how to weld or machine. Earn money. The you can get education when you want it on your own dime. Education isn’t going to a place, sitting in a chair and getting a grade. Education never stops. You don’t need the credential, just the skills. and skill are something you develop.

We live in a world that is changing. In many ways the institutions that have existed for centuries in some cases have been diverted from the function for which they were created to be indoctrination centers for the latest hokum.  In the process the graduates have lost the skills that made them valuable.  People are starting to notice.

al fin next level

… most schools just don’t do a very good job anymore. They are four year summer camps for kids who got trophies for showing up. Now, they get degrees for showing up. Gone are most course requirements and core curricula, in their place, useless exercises in things like race and gender studies. Studies show that the amount of homework the average college kid does has been cut in half over the last couple of decades. __ Colleges Doomed

Costs Way Up . . . Benefits Way Down Costs Way Up . . . Benefits Way Down

Graduates often have as much as $200,000 in debt, yet have difficulty finding jobs that pay more than $50,000 a year. Student loan debt has tripled in a decade, even while many universities now see no problem in departing from their primary mission of education, and have drifted into a priority of ideological brainwashing and factories of propaganda. Combine all these…

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