Green Energy Poisons the Future

I’m going to say what nobody else seems to want to say. When everybody in one article or another talks about energy they will always put into a paragraph with a little mantra about how solar or wind might be important, someday. That more research is required, or more investment, or more technology. Sorry, that’s a fantasy. Solar and wind as part of the energy picture are nonstarters. The greatest engineers have been down that road and very single one has come up having wasted their time and energy. does anybody think that engineers toady could do what the likes of John Erickson, Lord Kelvin and Nikolai Tesla could not. Trust me, if wind and solar were in any viable, we would be using them. There’s been over a century of research with nothing to show for it. That we are not is not the product of some conspiracy by ‘big energy.” It’s the result of low energy density and unreliability. You can’t change that fact. No matter how much hokum you believe in.
The problem is that the Greens have decided wind, solar and biofuels are the proper energy choices and they don’t care how many trees they cut down to make the magic happening. I was aghast when I discovered that a major business for CSX railroad in Georgia was running shuttle trains full of wood pellets to Savanah so that they could be put onto ships and shipped to Great Britain to be burned as fuel.

This is the kind of stupidity you get chasing climate change:
Meet the new deforestation. Looks a lot like the old deforestation only now we ship the wood over to Europe, with a total energy cost LARGER than the energy recovered. Trading imported gasoline and fuel oil for European electricity makes so much sense to the climate types. Not to me though.
Every time solar hits the real world, solar crashes. For well over a century now people have been trying to make solar work and it hasn’t. No matter how much money is spent, no matter how people want to make it work, you come up against the laws of low energy density, poor Carnot efficiencies and high capital costs and expensive electricity.:
and this:
What it comes down to is that the renewables are BULLSHIT. Green energy is Bullshit, complete bullshit. It’s just not dense enough to run an industrial society on. The unreliability and capacity factors are so low that electric power from solar and wind might as well not exist. For that matter it’s not dense enough to power itself on. That’s the facts. No amount of research, no amount of government subsidies, no amount of believing in perpetual motion and magic is going to make the so called renewable actually work. Meanwhile billions of tax dollars are given to scam artists, people have to make the choice between eating and heat in Europe , the US is wasting millions of acres of cropland producing fuels that have negative energy returns and China and the Third world are wallowing in the poisons from the mine required for the exotic materials for making the wasteful things that just end up rusting in the desert.
An interesting piece on compound interest and the effects of regulation:
America’s missing wealth
Of course wealth not created is invisible. But even a 1% drop has incredible consequences.
New England is run by idiots. Do people have to start to freeze to death before we stop being utterly clueless about energy. I mean seriously, I’ve watched every bad energy decision for the last forty years and not once, has anybody with influence said that bad stuff will happen. Well now we can live with energy poverty and the consequences of our bad decisions.:

The stupidity, it’s just so mind boggling.:

We accept the same old pablum, spend fortunes on yet more energy “efficiencies” and turn down our thermostats. Decade after decade we get the same old green crap. meanwhile the big businesses move away and the small ones close. Living keeps getting more expensive. Yet we turn around and vote in the Malloys and their cronies over and over, while we freeze.
They can’t figure out why we pay so much.:
Anybody remember these F***ing idiots.

: If they had their way NH and the rest would be even WORSE. We are SO lucky to have the nuclear plants we have. But try telling the greens that.  New England live or dies on the energy it HAS to import and those fools tried as hard as they could and came much closer to succeeding in making electricity hideously expensive for the entire region.  And they are still at it.

I think that you can have sustainabilty and poverty, or you can have high energy and wealth, but you can’t have sustainability and wealth except for a few. If you want an oligharchy, sustainability is the way to go.:
You k now, when it comes to green energy schemes there is no fruit too low or idea too stupid that it won’t be proposed:
Now here’s one that’s truly crappy.
Two guys from Google got a bunch of money and went TWODAing with it. Guess what they found out.:
The renewables don’t pay. I could have save Google a pile of money by telling them that. Pay me 200k or so and I would have put it into a nice report with power point slides. Insted they hired two true belieing cultists form univeristies and wasted a big chunk of the stockholder’s money. Well it could have been worse. It could have been Spain.
Of course New England’s proximity to NYC and the predatory Wall St rentseekers doesn’t help.:

Not that I like coal fired power plants.  I don’t. But arbitrarily shutting down a plant for the simple reason that it makes electricity more expensive in a region where it’s already the most expensive in the country.  When will we learn?

Maybe It’s time that people stopped listening to the energy snake oil salesmen and like the adults we presumably are and admit to ourselves that energy choices are hard.  There’s no magic solution like solar roads that will solve all the problems.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch or free energy.  People should realize this and instead of listening to the latest snake oil salesman selling “quality gold plated bullshit.”  Energy has certain constraints and no amount of wishful thinking is going to change that.


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Germany says it wants to generate 80% of its energy from intermittent unreliable “green” sources, by 2050. Policy-makers have leapt blindly into a set of energy policies that threaten the very future of Germany. Ominous consequences of Germany’s Energiewende plan for green energy suicide are beginning to reveal themselves.
Full PDF report

The problem with the “renewable” power sources of wind and solar is their intrinsic volatility coupled with their poor capacity utilization rates of only 17.4% for wind and 8.3% for solar (average values for Germany).

That poor utilization rate means one has to build up huge overcapacities in order to achieve a certain amount of power production. Worse, the power source fluctuates wildly according to weather conditions. As a consequence, Germany has to maintain a dual power generation infrastructure that comprises a grossly overinflated capacity of “renewable” wind and solar power plants shadowed by a full scale backup…

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