I Am NOT A Purple Squirrel

I was reading this today:


This too:

And this:

Along with this:

I’ve seen the jobs that keep getting posted for months  or even years.  I’ve actually applied for some of them and been electronically flushed.  There’s no real way to know.  The barriers to communication seem to be designed to prevent the actual making of the kinds of connections that actually lead to employment relationships.

The common element seems to fear.  The people in these companies seem to be so afraid of making a mistake that they are paralyzed.  They end up setting up screens so tight that not even the people in about the same positions could fit the bill.  I have to ask myself why?  It’s not as if the stakes are so high, for them.  I mean, seriously.  If the candidate doesn’t work out it’s not their jobs on the line, it’s the candidates.  The worst that could happen is that some work doesn’t get done. Whooped de do, a performance review isn’t met, but the guy responsible is already gone.

Look at it from the other side.  Quite frankly job seekers like me are the ones that should be afraid.  After all, there’s no guarantee that your company is going to be a great place to work and a career booster.  I’m being asked to give up my valuable work time with no net if it doesn’t work out.  When it doesn’t work out I’m the one left in the cold having to explain why it didn’t.  I carry all the burden and you, my potential employer don’t have any engagement or consequence.  Yet it’s you who are afraid.

It’s you who feels compelled to discover every little detail they can.  It’s you who makes candidates go through interrogations and tortuous tests during interviews.  For what.  What are you trying to prove?  That you can take advantage of potential employees?  That you make them feel like crap.  Great, you win. You beaten somebody who can’t really fight back in any meaningful way.  That really makes them feel committed to your company.

Frankly I’m terrified of my next job.  I have to work with a whole new bunch of people, who may not like me.  I’m resetting my life, again.  For what.  Another chance at my boss screaming and covering me with foul language.  For heavy responsibilities and none of the authority to carry them out.  For another trip through hell.  I mean I’ve been through rough stuff.  Those gaps in my resume?  That’s mostly recovery, that is when my last company didn’t screw me over.  So why should I trust you?  Maybe it’s you who should be demonstrating that you are worthy of ME.

I’m going to be honest.  I don’t trust you.  I’ve been burned too many times. I think that far too many of have, if this is any reflection of what’s out there.  Frankly if I could work out a way of doing the work I love without you, I would.  I know that it doesn’t depend on what I do, if some manager decides he doesn’t like me, I’m toast.


Looked I’ve NEVER failed at a task that I was given.  I know my track record and accomplishments.  If you hire me I will do what I was  hired to do.  I always have.  I’ve done very good work that created revenues that were maybe 500 times my salary (estimated) in a year. I went from knowing absolutely nothing about mass spectrometers to designing world class instruments in three years.  I did everything that was asked of me .  I beat deadlines consistently.  Yet when the time comes for “restructuring” I’m the one who gets the axe.

So I have good reasons not to trust you, Mr. employer.  Yet it seems that you are the ones with all the hangups and issues. But I’m the one with the most to lose through trusting the relationship.   Yet it’s your side that’s desperately making it almost impossible for potential employees to talk to the people I need to talk to. I’m the one who has to go out of my comfort zone and play games because you people are the ones who are afraid of shadows.


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